Aviation is a complex, high-value and constantly changing industry: vulnerable, in the worst-case scenario, to catastrophic losses. Insurance solutions need to be innovative, cost-competitive and individually tailored to clients’ specific needs.


We offer an important combination of aviation-industry knowledge, insurance expertise and client management skills. We work closely with individual clients - be they major commercial airlines or self-employed pilots- to ensure we thoroughly understand their business, can assess their risk-profile and then suggest a tailored solution.


Aviation clients may include commercial, cargo and charter airlines as well as airport operators and service and maintenance operations as well as air-taxi operators, flying clubs and private owners. We also offer specific products such as loss of licence and personal accident for pilots.
We deal in:

  • Aircraft hull and liability
  • Aircraft hull war risks
  • Aircraft hull deductible
  • Airport liability
  • Premises liability and vehicles airside
  • Personal accident
  • Pilot loss of licence
  • Employers’ liability

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