People are any company's most precious asset - and no matter how conscientious an employer may be, accidents do happen. Financial protection of your assets with a comprehensive employee benefit plan is key to attracting and retaining your very best staff, as well as protecting any financial exposure.


We pride ourselves on working closely with you to understand the specific needs, adapting coverage to fit, and ensuring that together with our markets, we deliver relevant and timely products. We can work direct or help arrange reinsurance, facultative placements, facilities or binding authorities for the following product types.


For both Group and high value or specialist individuals:

  • Accidental Death
  • Temporary Total Disablement
  • Group Term Life
  • Emergency medical evacuation / repatriation
  • High risk occupations, such as security guards, charity workers, journalists, film crew, construction engineers, mining and surveying.
  • Offshore workers
  • Flight crew and Ships crew

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