Fidelity Insurance Brokers


We’ll deliver employee benefits programmes that are aligned to your business objectives.

As the region strives to increase its appeal to foreign workers and encourage local citizens to take up meaningful positions in the workplace, finding Employee Benefits solutions to suit your staff can be a challenge.

Creating high quality, cost effective employee benefits packages requires strong relationships with local markets. This allows our associates to negotiate the best deals, at the best price for our clients.

Our team work with you throughout the year to ensure your staff are happy and healthy, arranging wellness sessions to promote healthy lifestyles, check vitals and introduce innovative ways to track and lose weight.

We work with you to ensure employee health is maintained, productivity increased and sick-leave reduced.

Our services:

Insurance covers we place include:

  • Medical and Life insurance
  • International benefits
  • Primary care/occupational health/screening
  • Critical illness/dental/optical
  • Flex/voluntary products

Consultancy services we offer include:

  • Benchmarking & gap analysis
  • Group performance analysis
  • Global programme management
  • Due diligence
  • Employee wellbeing programme